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ChatFreak.com uses the iChat Rooms chat client software. In order to log into a chat room you may download the GlobalChat Plugin for VERSION 3.x.

You may also log in using the Java Client or the HTML client if you have a version 3.1 browser or higher.

AOL users are recommended to use the HTML client as you may not be able to login with the Java or iChat plugin Clients.

For further questions please contact the administrator at info@chatfreak.com

Don't forget to check out our lists of acronyms amd commands to use in the chat rooms!

Useful commands:

/emote {your text} puts those cute little emotings on the screen (Ex: Bob jumps into the air). A colon (:) works the same as the /emote command and is less to type.

/think {your text} works like /emote except that your message shows up in a little o O (thought bubble).

/ignore add {screen name} adds a person to your ignore list. You will not see any messages from people you're ignoring. If someone is bothering you online, you can always use the /ignore command on him or her; however, if at all possible, report the person's behavior to an Admin.

/ignore remove {screen name} takes a person off of your ignore list.

/ignore list brings up all the people on your ignore list.

/go {exit name} moves you from your current room and takes you to the named room. Remember that the /look command will give you a list of all the available exits.

/exit correctly logs you off of the chat. If you close your browser instead of using this command, you may have problems entering under a different screen name until you actually do use /exit.

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